SMART American Made Tools for Hardworking Americans

US.SHOVEL is an American company that specializes in non-powered industrial & for-home hand tools based in the greater Detroit, Michigan area. U.S. Shovel is disrupting the hand tool industry by creating ergonomically advanced products at production rates, quality standards and cost efficiencies beyond current industry capabilities.




Where others design tools to move stuff, our focus is on you. We study human motion. We design tools based upon the bio-mechanics of human labor.  We create tools that work, but don't work you. 


To prove our point, our US.Shovel Snow Shovels are the most awarded snow shovel ever designed and produced. This evolutionary design will have more patents awarded for creativity and design than all other modern day shovels combined. No other tool maker focuses on your well-being like US.Shovel.





In the end, US.Shovel will be the most sought-after brand in the lawn and garden market.





Feel free to contact us. We'd love to share our innovations with you.