How to avoid injury when snow shoveling

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How to avoid injury when snow shoveling

Snowblowers and Snow Pusher Shovels are designed to move snow and have one key component in common that being the Skid Shoe. Skid Shoes were invented to allow snow removal tools to effectively move over cracked, uneven sidewalks and driveways that are often covered by snow. Skid Shoes are an engineered component that lifts the snow collection scoop up when it comes in contact with cracks and bumps. Skid shoes are most always found on snow plows and snowblowers. All leading brands of snowblowers use skid shoes.

The addition of skid shoes to snow shovels is a recent trend. The purpose of skid shoes on snow shovels is to protect the shoveler from harm and the
snow shovel from damage. On flat surfaces without cracks the skid shoes do not come in contact with the ground and thus do not impede the effectiveness of the shovel.

Though a wise choice for most all surfaces, skid shoes are especially useful when shoveling wood or composite decks due to nature of deck designs that require gaps between deck boards. 

Only shovels sold by US.Shovel incorporate skids shoes due to the company's US and Canadian patent protection rights.