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US SHOVEL is an American company whose products are Made in American. The US Shovel family is working hard every day to provide you the finest and safest lawn and garden tools available. We love knowing our products are produced in America of generational quality and value for those who appreciate the rewards of a job well done and the satisfaction of doing so. We love what we created for you and trust you will too.

Our Lawn and Garden Tools:

For those living where shoveling snow is critical the CRACK JUMPER Snow Shovel is the only shovel that jumps sidewalk cracks and yet clears the snow cleanly. The one shovel for shoveling and pushing snow fast and safely and the only shovel with an unbreakable ergonomic handgrip that fits both hands fully (D-handles are designed for only one hand which on a pushing snow shovel causes body misalignment resulting in back pain and potentially long term injury). If shoveling is required or desired for the benefits of exercise be smart and do it safely with the only shovel that is adjustable to your height, has a true ergonomic grip and avoids the hazards of sidewalk cracks - Crack Jumper. 

Choose our Ergonomic Easy Back Broom and give your back a break from backbreaking cleanups. Now is the time you say goodbye to that old and dated broom stick of yours and say hello to our Easy Back Brooms. Our products offer an ergonomic solution which will change the way you clean! We produce the only broom that allows you to clean standing up avoiding back pain and discomfort. Get yours now and your back will thank you forever. 

Coming soon is the JACK BROOM Series. This patented Heavy Duty Construction Push Broom with torque drive has no equal in terms of strength, power, durability and performance. Not only is our head/handle connector unbreakable but with its powerful torque rotational action it pushes dirt up to 50% faster and easier than standard brooms. 

We make the tools your body appreciates and your wallet can handle right here in America.

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