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USA Made Shovels



Work needn’t be painful.

US SHOVEL’s tools focus on your well-being and the job at hand.  We engineer tools based upon the biomechanics of human motion.  We make tools that work, but don't work you. 

Our Crack Jumper Snow Shovel is the most awarded snow shovel ever invented. This revolutionary shovel with its patented design glides over pavement cracks. Remember what it's like when you hit a crack and the handle of the shovel hits your gut? The blade glides over cracks due to integrated Skids Shoes on the bottom of the shovel that keep you going even when you hit a crack! With Crack Jumper Snow Shovels, you can easily clear snow without the pain and frustration of sudden stops when you hit a crack. The shovel blade and skids are made of tough ABS Plastic, the grip is unbreakable and the handle is vinyl-insulated steel. We use only the best materials available in the USA to make our products, which have patented engineering & ergonomic designs. At U.S. Shovel, we are re-engineering tools for a better life.

Our Ergonomic Easy Broom is the only broom that effectively eliminates backbreaking cleanups. The Easy Broom allows you to clean standing up in a posture that avoids back pain and discomfort. When you look to buy a broom remember your back.

And, coming soon is the JACK BROOM Series. This patented Heavy Duty Construction Push Broom with torque drive has no equal in terms of strength, power, durability and performance. Not only is our head/handle connector unbreakable but with its powerful torque rotational action it pushes dirt up to 50% faster and easier than standard brooms. 

We make the tools your body appreciates and your wallet can handle.