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SHEAR FORCE - A pusher which is overly superior.

SHEAR FORCE - A pusher which is overly superior.
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Our patent pending NEW line of brooms brings advanced engineering and design to push brooms. Not only is the head-to-handle connection virtually unbreakable, but the construction results in a more stable broom head. Greater broom head stability and balance achieves better and faster cleaning. Also, superior weight distribution extends the life of the broom. With the new overhead connector, lateral pressure is transferred directly to the ground through all the bristles reducing unwanted bristle curling.

And our broom assembles super fast and strong. We eliminated the std screw on handle design which never stays together. We also eliminated any chintzy bracket that bends, rusts and always loosens.

No broom is more robust and works better than the SHEAR FORCE, 100% guaranteed.