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RAZOR 2N1 SNOW & GARDEN MULCH SHOVEL - Patented Skid Shoe & Rake Tooth

The New All-Season Razor Shovel makes shoveling faster, easier and better for your body than a general purpose snow shovel or "grain" scoop.

For starters we simply eliminated the hassles and hazards of shoveling on non level surfaces with the addition of a Skid Shoe. Skid Shoes are a well used engineering design feature that ramps-up the shovel's blade when it comes in contact with ground cracks and bumps to avoid collisions. A single shovel to sidewalk crash can cause a severe injury while multiple lesser hits can produce wear and tear harm to joints and muscles.

For fast and easy mulching, the RAZOR's Skid Shoe, when inverted, works as a "Rake Tooth" that grabs and claws tangled wood shavings and bark loosing them for easy shoveling. Loosing bulk mulch makes it 70% easier to shovel up. Now, without stopping to grab a different tool, you can quickly rake and scoop mulch quickly and effortlessly.

So for both deep pack snow and garden mulch the 21” Razor Shovel is your best option. With its unique knife edge blade design the hard work of cutting into packed piles is made easy. Then once cut, the RAZOR's oversized blade pocket collects and holds as much snow and mulch as you want. With all this the Razor is light weight but extremely strong as it is not made of poly, but a rubberized engineered plastic composite material.

Beyond our revolutionary blade, the Razor Shovel offers numerous bio mechanical features making shoveling safe. For starters, if you are taller or shorter than the "avg person" our adjustable length handle fits the shovel to your height. Then our best in class 2-handed grip, which is smartly called the Easy-Back, puts you in the proper posture to avoid back pain and allows you to work with better balance and muscle efficiency. No other shovel is designed around your unique body size and shape than the Razor.

Dimensions and specifications:
• Blade Width (in.) - 21 in. -Scoop
• Blade Height (in.) - 13
• Maximum Complete Handle Length (in.) - 42
• Product Depth (in.) - 6.5
• Product Height (in.) - 54
• Blade Material - Rubberized Plastic
• Blade Color - Safety Orange
• Features - Telescoping Shaft Handle
• Handle Material - Vinyl-Coated Steel
• Product Weight (lb.) - 4.0
• Returnable - 30-Day
• Grip "The NEW D-Grip" Material - unbreakable Recycleable Plastic.
• Replace wear strip on snow shovel - not required.
• Cleans easily including Mulch Glue