Our multi-patented blade with its deep contoured pocket and high side walls makes gathering snow efficient and rewarding. For you, our shovel’s numerous biomechanical features make shoveling a safe workout. For starters, if you are taller or shorter than the "avg person" our adjustable length handle fits the shovel to your height. Our best in class 2-handed grip which is smartly called the Easy-Back puts you in the proper posture to avoid back pain. But what we are most proud of is how we have eliminated the hassle and hazard sidewalk cracks have inflicted since the beginning of time. No longer will a sidewalk crack force us to be impaled by an abruptly stopping shovel. With our patented blade glides, you glide over the cracks that has been winning the battle between man and immovable object.

So, when the next time Mother Nature blesses you with a white carpet, enjoy the fresh air and exercise of clearing large snow areas fast with our 24” Combo Pusher Shovel and do so with the peace of mind only Crack Jumper can offer.

For the challenges of deep pack our 21” Scoop is the only option with its unique knifing blade while providing the peace of mind only Crack Jumper can offer. Our patented Crack Jumper Shovels makes shoveling fun and safer by eliminating the hassles and hazards cheap shovels create.

The best materials, patented engineering, ergonomic design and made in the USA by U.S. SHOVEL defines the most awarded snow shovel ever... the Crack Jumper.

Dimensions for both shovels:

• Blade Width (in.) - 24 in – Pusher, 21 in. -Scoop
• Blade Height (in.) - 13
• Handle Length (in.) - 42
• Product Depth (in.) - 6.5 in
• Product Height (in.) - 54 in

• Blade Material - Plastic
• Features - Telescoping Handle
• Handle Material - Vinyl-Coated Steel
• Product Weight (lb.) - 4.2 -Pusher, 4.0 - Scoop
• Returnable - 30-Day